Behind the screen

About Us

Purple Emerald was founded by 3 Siblings Laura, Jack, and Paula Rochford back in September 2020. We set up this company with a goal to try bring an enjoyable online retail experience for all our customers. We are dedicated to trying to add a little more love and light into the world. We invite you to come along and join us in this experience as we continue to grow and evolve.


When I was in transition year in school I took a Holistic Health module and I loved it so much that I took it twice, I was fascinated by crystals, dowsing rods and the pendulum. I first learned about Reiki after my parents brought me to my first session to help me deal with the stress of the leaving cert examinations and I was kindly gifted my first crystals (Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz) I still have them today and I really believe they helped me and that is why I am so passionate about holistic health and divination. Back in March 2016 I bought my first Tarot deck and so my collection of Tarot and Oracle cards began. My brother Jack and I attended some local classes and began to learn more about Reiki, The Angels and Tarot, through these classes I now have a master’s qualification in both Usui and Kundalini reiki. I love that I get to have this opportunity to spread a little magic, connect with like minded people and to work along side my siblings.


After leaving school I took a deep interest in Tarot and Oracle cards, and I began practising with them on the daily trying to enhance my skills. This is what lead me to discovering the incredible power of crystals and all the amazing benefits. I shifted my focus to try to learn as much as I could about all the different crystals and ways to use them. Through my research I discovered reiki, which spoke to my childhood dreams of being a wizard. So, I joined some local classes on Usui and Kundalini reiki and have a master’s qualification in both. During this time, I also dabbled in practising mediumship and just became in awe of the unseen mystical world. I am so grateful for our online store and so excited to be able to share the crazy healing powers of crystals and all our other holistic items we have on our store.  I’m also so grateful for all the loyal customers we have required to date and cant wait to see how our little community will grow and expand in the future.


For as long as I can remember I have had a connection with the spirit world, this is something I always grew up with and was normal to me. Our dad would always tell stories of the fairy rings and old Irish folklore which I always loved and constantly encouraged my love for all of this to grow. Our mam would always light incense around our house and as I got older and learnt what it was, I began my collection. I bought my very first incense at the age of 14 and it was Stamford’s mermaids love, still to this date mermaids love remains my favourite incense and I always have a box. From there I got into crystals with the first ever crystal I received was Opalite, from there I began reading books to learn what they do. I practice with Tarot and Oracle cards however, for now this is something I do for myself as energy is profoundly important to me and it takes a lot for me to do this for someone else. To own my own holistic shop has always been a dream but to do it beside Laura and Jack has been a privilege as we learn new things from each other every day. I take immense pride in our small business and love the passion and hard work we have put into it.